Windows Phone Dies Today. End Of An Era

Windows Phone Dies Today

I still remember that I was so fascinated to own an HTC phone powered by windows mobile OS. Even when Nokia was ruling the market but Windows phone had a distinct appeal at that time. But with the entry of Android and iOS, windows mobile OS was slowly going out of the competition. It is because of their arrogance attitude to adopt new technologies and less focus on customer requirement.

Though the Lumia series did well initially but was never dominating the market. With an official announcement today to end support for Windows Phone OS 8.1, after 3 years of its launch, it literally ended an era.

There is no official commitment, how long Microsoft will support Window Phone 10 OS. But it is pre-assumed that they may end support sometime this fall. Android and iOS do contribute more than 95% cellphone market, So there is a little scope for Microsoft to compete in this growing market.

The news came out today, but for last year, it was evident that Microsoft is coming out of this business and trying to focus more on cloud computing. Microsoft, in fact, suggesting consumers take a backup of their phone using a tool that Microsoft developed and suggesting them to move to Android or iOS. They even working on an Android version of Cortana so that windows phone lover does not miss that.

Microsoft had a big chance to adopt Android but their reluctance to android has put them out of the market.

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