Types Of Domain And Their Importance.

Types Of Domain And Their Importance.

When the world is moving towards digital, there would be hardly anyone who does not know what a website is, what is domain stand for. But probably a few may know the technical terms of domain and this article would be for explaining domains in a broader aspect. So let’s see the Types Of Domain And Their Importance.

What is Domain

A domain is nothing but an array of words to mask IP address. Its an address which will give direction to visitors from which server your website file would be fetched. Before going forward let’s think that Flipkart.com does give you the IP address of their website for shopping, same goes for other websites as well.

Would you be able to remember all those numbers? NO. That’s the reason domain name came to picture. It is simplifying the web address to that visitor can memorize it. In a nutshell, all domain points to an IP address. Even if you forget the domain, you can access the website if you know the IP address.

A domain name can contain letters, numbers and certain symbols. It can contain up to 60 characters and the minimum can go up to 1 character.

Why Domain names

  • Brand Identity: Domain name will talk about your brand, what you sell, what service you give. So it will create an identity for you and your business
  • SEO¬†Optimization: SEO does not understand numbers, so having a name make more sense to have your IP or website in the search result.

Types Of Domain And Their Importance.

Domain Name Types

Domains are broadly categorized into two type

Top Level Domain

  • Generic Top Level Domain (gTLD)
  • Country code top-level domain

Top Level Domain ( Generic)

Generic Top Level Domain is further clarified into the following types:

  • Generic: Ex.: (.com,.net,.org,.info) etc which can be used for general purpose
  • Restricted: Ex.: (.pro,.biz,.name )which can be used for a specific purpose
  • Sponsored: Ex.: (.gov, .edu, .mil) which can be used by businesses involved in that.

Top Level Domain ( Country Level)

Those are domain specific to certain countries. For Example, .in,.us,.UK,Au etc.

Other Domain Types

  • Internationalized country code top-level domain: This is domains with an encoder format that allows non-Latin character or symbols

How To Buy Domain

Domain registration is controlled and monitored by ICANN ( Internet Corporation For Assigned Name & Numbers) but to buy a domain you need to approach a domain register. There are only a few domain register in the world and 90% of the register are resellers. Although the interface might be different but basic steps of buying a domain is the same.

  • Visit registrar website
  • Search for a domain name to buy
  • Make payment
  • Wait for some time to get a confirmation email.

Best Practices When Buying Domain

  • Always buy from a reputed registrar.
  • Try to buy.Com domain
  • The domain name should be short. Less than 15 character is the best.
  • Avoid symbols
  • Use unique domain names
  • Buy domain names which reflects your brand.

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A domain name is more than a website address nowadays. It helps to boost your brand identity. Help to rank better in SEO.

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