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Writing blogs is an art and everyone tries to be a master in that. But is it enough if you write an excellent post? How does someone know that you have written an great post in your blog. That’s where SEO ( Search engine optimization) comes into picture. SEO helps you to reach you audience. In this article we will talk about 10 SEO ranking factors for your blog to rank it higher in search results.

As you might know that unless your blog is SEO optimized, nothing can help you to rank in the first page of google search. If you are not in the first page then you are going to loose a great amount of traffic. So get more traffic you have to have a properly SEO optimized blog. There are plenty of rules that you can follow to optimize your blog in terns of SEO. But I am going to talk about 10 most popular SEO tricks which can be easily implemented and yield good outcome. This includes off page and on page SEO techniques as both are required to SEO optimized your blog.

Now lets gets started.

Responsive And Intuitive Layout

No one loves a boring and scattered website layout and no one loves to scroll here and there to find something in your Blog. Right? If you have a blog with no structured layout and everything is just scattered here and there, then no visitors will be pleased. Also if blog is not properly structured and layout is very poor, the search bots find it difficult to crawl you site. You should always use a neat and clean layout will proper place for heading, subheading, menu, footer etc. Don’t use too much of colorful layout as those are not entertained and distract the prospective visitor.

Similarly if blog layout is not mobile friendly, then it is going to harm your blog. A mobile layout helps in reducing unnecessary elements and shows only important contents due to smaller display resolution. Your theme should be capable of automatically detecting the display size and accordingly shows the contents. Fortunately almost all themes now a days comes with a responsive design. So not much to worry about.

Website Response Time

In a recent statistics, it was revealed that you might more than 50% of traffic, if your fully loaded time is more than 3 seconds. No one loves to wait. If your blog takes more time to show up, visitor will simply go to other websites. So you should follow many best practices to get a good response time for your website. Try to use a clean coded theme, dump useless plugins, use a cache plugin, don’t use too much of images, and finally go for a reliable host.

Secure Website

As per latest Google search algorithm, google is going to dump all those website who does not use a SSL. Reason being SSL helps you to publish only secure contents and those are verified by your SSL vendor. SSL changes your http protocol to https, where S stands for secure. Google wants there readers to be safe and wants to ensure that their data is not compromised. If you look at the search result, you might notice that google is showing only SSL certified websites only in the first few pages.

If you want to use SSL you can simply buy a SSL certificate from a vendor or else you can also use free SSL from Lets Encrypt. Fortunately now a days almost every host provide Lets Free SSL even in shared hosting. If you wants to use SSL for VPS or dedicated server, you can simply install Lets encrypt in your server. If at all you cant try any of the above mentioned process, you can just use the Cloud Flare CDN, if will secure your website with SSL.

Accelerated Mobile Pages

This is a recent trend in google algorithm to use AMP for your blog to rank higher. AMP is different than a mobile layout. Mobile layout just removes some unnecessary contents but it still loads, JavaScript and other render blocking resources. AMP does not entertain JavaScript and other script which defer the rendering of your blog. If uses a simple layout with small HTML pages. Many themes now a days comes with AMP features enabled. You can also use AMP plugin which are available in WordPress repository.

If your pages are AMP enabled, then you will see a thunder icon next to your post link in google search. AMP pages always shows up first in google search result.

SEO Optimized Post

Posts are the heart of your blog. No matter what ever you have done to optimize your blog, unless your posts are optimized, nothing can help. Although there are many tips that can be followed to write a SEO optimized posts, but below tips are most important and has to be followed.

  • Post title should be crisp and should have the main keyword for which you want to rank.
  • Post Title should have H1 tag. Your theme should do that automatically, if not you have to do it manually.
  • First article should have your main keyword.
  • Avoid writing long paragraphs, use maximum 4-5 lines per paragraph.
  • Avoid lines having more than 15 words. Lines having more than 20 words is a big NO.
  • Use proper subheadings like H2, H3, H4 tags.
  • Write posts having more than 1000 words.
  • Main keyword should be used 4-5 times in your article.
  • Main keyword should be in bold letters wherever used.
  • Write proper Meta description with no more than 160 words. Meta description should have the main keyword.
  • All images used in the article should have ALT attribute.
  • Focus key phrase should have the main keyword.
  • Use relevant tags in the tag section.
  • Use proper featured image and video if available.

Image Optimization

Images takes mora than 50% of your website load and should be optimized to make your site load faster. Try to use new image formats like WEP and avoid GIF images. Images can be optimized automatically by adding some codes in function.php or else you can any wordpress plugin. Properly resize images during upload so that your website does not need to resize it again during loading. Use image CDN like Photon and don’t forget to use Lazy load feature.

Now lets talk about some Off Page Optimization

Keyword Research

Keywords are the word or sentence people searches. If you use a keyword which people never search, then your post will never have visitors. Use long tail keywords at the beginning because short tail keywords are tough to rank. Always try to compete for low competition and high search volume keywords. You can use free keyword research tools like Google keyword Planner or Ubersuggest. For better research you can use paid tools like Aherfs, Semrush or Moz.

Quality Backlinks

Backlink is the backbone of your blog. Backlinks tells Google how reputed your blog is. Google search works on referral from reputed websites. So you want to rank higher you need to get some referral from websites which are already very popular. You can get backlinks from those website by guest port, writing comments or directly asking the owners of those blogs to refer you in their posts. Although its difficult to get backlinks from reputed website but that’s where skills kicks in. Never try to get backlinks from automated bots, or from some websites which publishes restricted contents like audult sites, child abuse etc. If you do so your blog will be backlisted and google adsense will never be approved.

Always try to get backlinks from website which are more reputed than yours. Check the DA and PA score of those website and then only try to get backlinks. Use backlink tools like aherfs to see a detail list of backlink that your competitor gets and try to get backlinks from there. Never use shotcuts to get backlinks. Because history says, shortcut never yield good results.

Social Sharing

You SEO ranking heavily depends of your social reputation. If you share your post in social media and you have not got a google response, then it’s an indication that you have poor contents. But if you get good response then it will indicate google the same and your post will rank high. So its always a good practice to have social share button in your post so that readers can share your post if they like it. You can also share your post to various social media platforms like facebook, twitter, Instagram, pinterset etc. This helps in reaching a bigger audience and your chance to make your post viral goes high. You can join social groups in your niche and share posts so that you get like minded readers.

Proactive Engagement

Readers feels better when you reply to their comments. They feel the sensible author in you if you engage in their conversations. A good reader may not come back your blog if their questions are not answered. So its always a better practice to engage with readers and look for solving their problems. This also open a opportunity for new topics on which you might need to write articles.

Wrapping Up !

Content is King. This SEO ranking factors will complements when you have good contents. This list of best practices will help you to rank high in search engines. Although this factors are just a few of many factors. You can always follow other practices which you might feel would help you and you can always write here those best practices that I missed to write.

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Happy Blogging !

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