Top 10 Best FREE cloud storage in 2019

top 10 best free cloud storage in 2019

Cloud computing is the latest buzz in IT market. It has become the ultimate necessity of large and small business. Whether a business accepts it not but they can not deny the advantage that cloud computing provides. Cloud computing is a must need if anyone wants to grow their businesses. Find out Top 10 Best FREE cloud storage in 2019 in this article

What is Cloud Storage

Before knowing what cloud storage is we need to know how the traditional storage works, Traditionally we store our data in a local hard disk or sometimes in shared drive if many people want to access it. So as and when required we keep on adding new hard drives that add more spaces, resources, power etc.

But what if something goes bad, what if your hard disk crashes. what if your hard disk gets corrupted. You will be on the verge of losing data. Although there are services for retrieving data that are too costly and sometimes not recoverable. You are also at risk of data leak when you hand over storage to the third party for data recovery. In an organization data is the most valuable assets and traditional storage just increased the risk of data loss or data leak.

That’s where cloud storage comes into the picture, that’s where cloud storage shines. Instead of local drives, we use virtual drives owned by reputed companies to store our data. So we can access those data anytime, anywhere and by any number of persons without any complex setup ( Like creating a group sharing the same LAN). We can also create a revision of the same document which is impossible in traditional storage. It also offers restricted access which is great for data privacy.

It should be noted that even the cloud storage is not a full proof system but it is safer than the traditional storage. When you buy cloud storage from reputed companies like Microsoft and Google, chances are there that they offer much safer cloud storage than others.

Benefits of Cloud Storage

  • Virtualization: All your data is in virtual drive. So no need of buying expensive hard drives or SSD
  • Privacy: With restrictive access, we can decide to whom the data should be shared.
  • Safety: if you opt of reputed provider there are chances that your data will be safe with a little chance of data leak.
  • Portability: Since we need hard drives so no worry of storing those and hence no space is required.
  • Accessibility: Cloud data can be access from anywhere, anytime, and by anyone ( If they have access) which is impossible in traditional storage
  • Cost: It is figured out that cloud storage is a much cheaper option than traditional storage due to many factors.

Cons of Cloud Storage

  • Your data could be at wrong hand if you choose a cheap vendor for cloud storage.
  • No matter what the vendor promise, if they want they can see your data, so data privacy is a concern.
  • The initial setup cost is high.

Now that we know what is cloud storage and its advantages and disadvantages, lets try to find out best free cloud storage’s available in the market. Free cloud storage is a great option for personal use and small businesses.

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1.Google Drive

google driveWhen we talk about cloud storage, google drive does not need any introduction. With every Google account, they provide 15 GB of storage which you can expand by paying a small amount. For personal use 15 GB is enough where you can store your files, and access it from anywhere. You can also synchronize it with multiple devices which is a great option. You can also create files in google drive with inbuilt document writer system which comes handy if you don’t want to spend on expensive Microsoft office. Google drive also offers you to save a file offline so that you can access it when there is no internet connection. There is an option to synchronize your computer files automatically to google drive. However, for storing photos and videos, I would recommend using google photos which offer unlimited storage. Overall google drive is an excellent and cloud complete cloud storage package.


dropboxAlthough Dropbox offers just 2 GB of free storage it is still the best and most powerful cloud storage available. Due to its flexibility to synchronize with any application, it is widely used with much third-party software. It also offers to store any type of file starting from a word document to a large CAD file. It has a distinguishing feature of deleting a file or folder from a device in case that is stolen to safeguard its misuse. Drop Box’s 2 GB free storage can be extended to a paid plan as and when required.

3.One drive

onedriveOne drive is one of the best cloud platform available among the corporate. Reason being most of the corporate still use Microsoft Windows and one drive works best in windows. Coupled with office 365 it can save your entire work in the cloud. In fact, last time when my computer crashed, I was so frustrated that I might have lost all my C drive data. But One drive saved me and it saved all my C drive data without my knowledge. One more best feature of One drive is that now you can send big files in an email without worrying about attaching that. You can simply upload the files in one drive and send the link in the email for users to access it.

One drive just provides 5 GB of free space as of March 2019 ( They keep on changing the free space quota)  but you have the option to upgrade it anytime.

4. iCloud

icloudiCloud is exclusive for Apple devices when we talk about device synchronization but if you want you can access it using a browser from any devices. It offers 5 GB of free space if you have an apple device which you can use to store photos and documents. Though it is not available in another platform if you use Apple devices then it is the best cloud storage.

5.Media fire

mediafireMedia fire is great cloud storage if you want to upload your document with no restriction on bandwidth. It offers 10 GB of free storage and no file can be bigger than 4 GB. It also offers multiple uploads at once and offers one time links and the recipient won’t be able to able share it to anyone else.


icedriveIce drive is new into cloud storage but offers a massive 20 GB free space. If you want you can go for a paid plan which starts from $ 1.99 / month for 150 GB storage and 250 GB bandwidth It allows you to download the software and upload and manage files as if like a new physical hard drive is attached. So no need to opening a browser or open a certain folder to synchronize files. Due to this excellent feature, many have recently moved to Ice drive in 2019

7.Amazon Drive

amazon driveAmazon drive offers 5 GB of free storage with an option to upgrade. It offers the same sort of features like other cloud storage vendors but can be used when you run out of other free plans. They offer some plans if you use their prime membership

8.SMAC cloud

SMAC cloud is one more cloud storage platform which offers 10 GB of free storage and individual file size of 100 MB. You can have the option of push notification when you upload a new file.


PcloudP cloud offers 10 GB of free space for a basic account and has the option of photo resizing on the go.  This distinguishing feature of photo resizing without any other external software makes it unique in the cloud and many have moved to this platform because of this.

It also has an archive feature built in, so user can archive file on the go in Pcloud.


mega“Mega” as it name says offer mega storage and that also free, It offers total 50 GB of storage, 15 GB at the signup and additional 35 GB trial at signup expires after one month. This massive storage attracted many customers to mega. It has an option of downloading files in zip format and you can also upload files on the go. Due to its massive storage, it has become a great choice for cloud storage.


There is nothing called BEST in this world. Its all about your need. Before deciding on which cloud storage to buy, you have evaluated your requirement. Although almost every vendor provides similar kind of features when it comes to data security repute companies make sense. I would personally be got for One drive if I am in a corporate, for personal use Google Drive and Ice drive is the best option. If you want application compatibility no one can beat Dropbox. Own an apple device? Then iCloud is the only option. Now it’s your call.

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