Tools to do a website speed test and fix issues

Tools to do a website speed test and fix issues

No one likes a slow website. Non even Google. Presently the industry average is 3 seconds load time for any website. If your website is not fully loading under 3 seconds, then you will be loosing about 40-60% traffic. In fact, Google also ranks those websites which have a faster response time. So in this article, we will learn about Tools to do a website speed test. What Is Causing Your Website To Load Slow

There are many tools which you can use to check your website speed, the issue that is affecting the speed. Below five tools are very popular and most people use that.

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GT Matrix

GTmatrix is the best tool available in the market to see how your website performs and in which area your website lacks. They have about seven server location from where you can check your website speeds. It gives a score based on PageSpeed and YSlow parameters. In both parameters, you will get links where your website performs good or bad.

Tools to do a website speed

It also has a waterfall diagram which shows how fast it slows various components of your website loads. It is the best tool to search and every component of your website and to fix it wherever required. Gtmatrix also has a paid optimisation service which you can use whenever required.

GT matrix gives scores based on how well your website is optimised but does not take into account website load time. There are instances when you will see that a website loads in more than 6 seconds but gets a better score than a website which loads in 3 seconds.

Pingdom Tools

Pingdom Tools works similar to GT matrix but will provide less information. Pingdom won’t show each and every issue of your website. It measures your website in 5-6 different parameters and gives an average. If your website size is small and it’s loads in less than 4 seconds then you will get a good score.

Tools to do a website speed

In my experience, it does not give as accurate information as GTmatrix. Pingdom also checks your website from different servers based at a different location.

Google Page Speed

Google Page Speed is one of the best tools to check your website speeds. It is a complete tool which considers your page size, load time and server response time. It has some advanced algorithm which other tool lacks. Google Page Speed will give values based on whether you are opening the page in mobile or desktop. As per Google, anything above 90 scores is good. But scoring 90 is very hard in Google Page Speed.

Tools to do a website speed


Uptrends is another great to measure your website speeds. It’s similar to Google Page Speed which gives speed for both desktop and mobile device. It also shows the waterfall diagram to show the loading of each component.

Tools to do a website speed

Dotcom tools

Dotcom tools are different from other tools. It gives the server response time from 25 different locations around the world. It also shows the response time for a first-time visit and second-time visit. This is a great tool if you want to check how your website performs at different locations.

Tools to do a website speed


These are the selective tools to do a website speed test. Don’t run for scores. A score is just a number. Run for response time. Choose a good host. Optimised the best that you can do but don’t let down useful features.

If you want you can watch the video to know the process.

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