Open VZ Vs KVM: Which type of VPS you should choose

Open VZ Vs KVM: Which type of VPS you should choose

If you are shopping around for a VPS hosting, then the major confusion that will face is “ What type of VPS I should choose”. Once you have compared everything like Ram, CPU, space etc, the next question that will come to your mind is “What type of VPS”. Although there many types available in the market but KVM and OpenVZ are two VPS types which are very popular and commercially used. This article will explain what are those VPS types, what are the pros and cons and which one you should choose to host your website.

  • KVM: Kernel-Based Virtual Machine
  • Open VZ: Open Virtuozzo

Now before going further let us know what actually VPS is. VPS is a portion of physical where you get dedicated resources like Ram, CPU cores and Storage. It is an isolated space in the physical server which you can customize as per your need and offers seamless speed.

Difference between KVM and Open VZ

The key difference between the two is that Open VZ can only visualize Linux operating system but a KVM can offer virtualization in Linux, Windows or other operating systems as well. So in terms of versatility KVM has an edge. One of the key problems with Open VZ is it does not really offer pure virtualization. It acts as a container and share resources among the other tenant in the physical server. In Open VZ, the kernel is shared by all VPS user in the node. So it is more or less like shared hosting.

KVM vs Open VZFor example, in Open VZ if you opted for 2 GB ram, you won’t always get that Ram. Only when you need it will be offered to you. Rest of the time it will be free for other users to take. So although you have been offered dedicated resources that are not purely dedicated. It’s kind of On-demand resources. That’s the reason Open VZ is easy to set up and the cost is also very less compare to KVM. On top of that, you don’t need more technical knowledge to set up Open VZ. If you are new to VPS, then open VZ may make sense.

On the other hand, KVM offers true virtualization. You will get what is promised. Either you use the resource or not but that won’t be available for other users. Your Ram, your CPU, your storage is only yours. That’s why KVM provides an isolated environment and more customization options. Since KVM does not use a shared kernel so you can also customize your kernel as per your need.

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Why You should not buy Open VZ

Due to tough competition, in recent days it is observed that many hosts oversell Open VZ VPS. How they can oversell is because always there will be some free resource available since open VZ does not offer true VPS. In fact, KVM also can be oversold, but it bit tough to configure and does not make sense considering the efforts vs profit.

KVM vs Open VZWho wins

Clearly, its KVM if you want true VPS. If you want seamless speed, dedicated resource, nothing can beat KVM. The downside is that you need technical knowledge to set the server. If you are low on budget and want to setup VPS quickly, you can try Open VZ. But again my recommendation would be to go for Cloud Hosting than Open VZ VPS hosting. Read the article “Cloud Hosting vs VPS: Which is better” to get a fair comparison. In terms of cost, Open VZ VPS is much cheaper than KVM. Below are two best hosts for Open VZ and KVM

Hope this article could able to help you to understand the difference between these VPS type. If you still have questions please do write in the comment section and I will be happy to answer you.

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