One Plus 7 Could Follow Oppo Find X

One Plus 7 Could Follow Oppo Find X

One Plus Following Moto?

One Plus just launched One Plus 6T. They are now gearing up for One Plus 7. Many of us got disappointed when we first experienced the 6T. It was nowhere a big upgrade from One Plus 6 rather than the debatable NOTCH. In fact, they took away the 3.5 mm port which was a deal breaker for many.

There is no official news about how the One Plus 7 compare to 6T. It is almost evident that there will be no 5G version of One PlUs in India. The reason being we are still 3- 4 years behind to taste the 5G fruit. So for One Plus, it does not make sense to launch a 5G phone where the 5G network is not available. But it is possible that they might launch a 5G version in the US and European market.

What OnePlus 7 could be

One Plus always plays with their display and One Plus 7 will be no different. One Plus is known for this kind of unofficial leaks and most of the times these turns true. See my other article on One Plus 7 where the board meeting images were leaked. So we can trust leaks on One Plus 7.

Now looking at the leaks it is clear that One Plus is trying to get away from the water drop which in fact looks good but the market is demanding for a true bezzle less display. They might go for an under display camera, but owing the cost of such setup, one plus might go ahead with a sliding camera like Oppo Find X.

The same mechanism is popped up if you see the image carefully. I just hope that they give a mechanical sliding mechanism as I still have a doubt on the reliability of Oppo Find X sliding mechanism. I still like my Nokia N70 sliding camera which running good even after 12 years.

Another reason for One Plus to not give an under display camera as it was never tried by any company apart from Huawei. In fact, One Plus was never a first mover. They always try new things with Oppo first and play a safe game. So first let Oppo launch a phone with Under Display camera and then we can expect that in One Plus phones.


What do you feel? What do you expect from One Plus 7? Do write in the comment section. Are you excited to have the new Moto RAZR? Do you feel the price does really make sense? Please do write your opinion in the comment section.

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