Moto RAZR Making A Comeback @ $1500

Moto RAZR Making A Comeback @ $1500

Moto RAZR is coming back. Yeah! You read it right. Who does not love the original Moto RAZR? It was one of the sleekest and sexiest phones in its era. Within four years of its launch in 2004, Moto sold more than a million copy of Moto RAZR. In fact, it was one of the most successful phones that Moto has ever produced.

After Moto is taken over by Lenovo, things have changed a lot and if the latest rumours are true, Lenovo might bring the RAZR sometime this year. But the main USP would be its form factor. Yes! RAZR would be foldable display phone.

It’s not Moto’s first attempt to bring back the icon. They in fact teamed with Verizon in 2011 and launched Droid RAZR which did quite well. With this new form factor, Moto is trying to surely go to heat up the phone market.

Though further details are not known it rumoured to be priced at around $ 1500. Does that make sense? Probably yes if they are the first mover in foldable display form factor. But already Samsung and other giants have confirmed the launched of their foldable display phone. On top of that Moto dos not have that brand value after merging with Lenovo which completely spoiled Moto.

Are you excited to have the new Moto RAZR? Do you feel the price does really make sense? Please do write your opinion in the comment section.