MIUI 11 Will Have Less Ads For Xiaomi Phones


Do you love seeing ads on your brand new smartphone? How would you feel when you are un-boxing your brand new phone and got greeted by an annoying ad. Though it’s surprising Xiaomi never fails to surprise us. They are always the first mover. They are the only company who started flash sale which is still a pain to many cellphone shoppers and then back in 2018 they started showing ads in their phones. When asked they answered that they are selling the phone for a very cheap price tag, so they have to have ads to earn some revenue. Are their phone really cheap? Please read my other article on Xiaomy if you feel that Xiaomi is following a good business strategy in India.

xiaomi to have less ads in phones

Fortunately, Xiaomi has felt the heat recently from other manufacturers and also realised that Indian don’t love ads in their smartphones. So they decided to reduce the ads… You read it right. They only decided to reduce the number of ads and not completely eliminates the ads. Greediness cant be eliminated and it is proved again.

How would that happen

It’s a well-known fact that its very irritating to see ads in Xiaomi phones. Either you open the galley or open setting you will see some ads. The main pain is that you can’t even close those ads. This affects the overall user experience and off late people started switching to another brand. For sure the fact is known to Xioami management and now they planned to reduce the number of ads in their upcoming MIUI which might be on our way in the next two months. Unfortunately, ads won’t go off completely but only the number of ads will be reduced and the user will have the option to close the ad if needed. There are multiple complaints that Xiaomi is showing vulgar ads. On this issue, Xiaomi responded that they will monitor the ads strickly and likey to punish the advertiser in case of inappropriate ads.

It’s good that Xiaomi finally realized their mistake and decided to reduce ads in MIUI. But it would have been great if they would have removed ads completely. Ads are always annoying, be it few or more, no one likes ads. Smartphones markets are growing rapidly and buyers don’t spare this kind of business tactics. Hopefully, Xiaomi will get rid of ads completely in their next release.

Wrapping Up!

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