How To Install WordPress Without SoftaColous

how to install wordpress

WordPress is one of the most popular and widely used CMS software. It is the most popular blogging platform available. In this article, we will learn How To Install WordPress Without SoftaColous

If you use shared hosting, it is most likely that you will get C Panel by default. So you can use SoftaColous to install WordPress.

But you need to install manually if across the below situations.

  • Your shared hosting does not come with CPanel
  • You opted for VPS and don’t have a control panel.
  • You want to customize the WordPress installation.

how to install wordpress

How To Install WordPress Without SoftaColous

You can follow below steps to install WordPress

  • Download latest version of WordPress from here.
  • Extract the the.Zip file to your local drive.
  • Login to your Hosting control panel.
  • Open file manager and paste the WordPress folder content ( not the WordPress folder) in public_html or htdocs folder.
  • Create a database and user in my PHP admin
  • Update the name server for your domain with domain register.
  • Now go to the browser and run your website. For example, if I have to install WordPress in then in browser, I will type
  • After that follow the instructions and connect your database.
  • At the end enter admin details in the setup.
  • Once WordPress is installed you will get two links, one for the website and other for the admin which is usually www.yoursite/wp-admin
  • You can then customize WordPress as per your need.

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