How to fix Visual Editor Missing Issue in WordPress

How to fix Visual Editor Missing Issue in WordPress

WordPress introduced Gutenberg editor in 5.0. Opinion varies but Gutenberg brought many issues with it. The traditional interface has gone away and instead, block-based interface took over. With Gutenberg, many of you might have faced that the visual editor is no longer showing when you write a post. Visual editor provides a very intuitive interface to write and format your post. But with the visual editor getting disappear is one of the worst nightmares that bloggers face in WordPress. Let’s find out in this video How to fix Visual Editor Missing Issue in WordPress

Install Classic Editor

One of the solutions would be to install the Classic Editor. It is the legacy editor system of WordPress. In 50% of cases installing classic editor will solve the problem.

Visual Editor Missing Issue


Install TinyMCE Advanced

If the classic editor does not solve the issue, you can try TinyMCE editor. This plugin is an extension of the classic editor and could solve the visual editor missing issue.

Visual Editor Missing Issue


Uncheck visual editor option

Sometimes we forget to uncheck the visual editor option in the profile section. To uncheck that we need to go to User > Your Profile and uncheck the Visual Editor option.

Disable Cache Plugin

Visual editor works on JavaScript. So if any of your cache plugins are interfacing with this JavaScript, we have to disable that plugin and see if that works. If that work you can enable back the cache plugin without minifying the javascript or exclude the script in the minifying process. To get the best result you can use LiteSpeed Cache plugin

Use HTTPS protocol

One of the main reason for the visual editor not showing is because of the HTTPS protocol. If you don’t use the HTTPS protocol, there are chances that you may many issues nowadays. So if you don’t use an SSL for your website, you can ask your host to provide AutoSSL which is free to use. You can also use Cloudflare CDN to activate SSL in your website.

I have uploaded a video YouTube on this topic. If you want you can watch the same.

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