How to clone WordPress in C Panel

How to clone WordPress in C Panel

There are instances when we need to add some important WordPress plugin in our live WordPress blog. Also as we get frequent WordPress update so what if something goes wrong because of any plugin or upgrade, our website may crash. So cloning a website is the best option before trying a plugin or upgrade. So let’s learn in this article about How to clone WordPress in C Panel

How To Clone

There are multiple options available for cloning a WordPress site.

  • Using a plugin to backup WordPress and restore it in other domain or subdomain.
  • Using the default cloning option available in C Panel.

This article will explain the process of cloning a WordPress site using the default cloning option available in C Panel.

We will clone a website in the subdomain. So, first of all, let’s go to C Panel. At the top search bar type domain and click subdomain.

Type the name of the subdomain. In this case, we wrote staging. Select the desired domain name from the drop-down menu and click create.

How to clone WordPress in C Panel


Once the subdomain is created, go to the softaculous installer and click on the Clone icon next to the main WordPress installation. In the next page select the protocol, domain, database name etc and click clone installation.

how to clone wordpress in C panel

After about a minute the WordPress website will be cloned to the new subdomain and we will be shown two links, one for the home page and other for the admin page.

If you do not use a CDN, if you simply click on the home page link and the page will open. But if you use a CDN like Cloudflare, then follow the next few steps.

  • Log in to Cloudflare.
  • Go to the DNS setting.
  • Add a record having name staging and anĀ IP address, which is the same as the main domain.
  • Wait for 4-5 minutes for the DNS to propagate.

Once the DNS is propagated you are good to go to your subdomain home page.

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