How OnePlus Became Number One In Indian Premium Smartphone Market

How OnePlus Became Number One In Indian Premium Smartphone Market

Within a short span in the Indian market, OnePlus became the number one vendor for premium smartphones. After launching their first smartphone in 2013, within 3 years they reached a very commendable position in India. Well, OnePlus deserve all credit for this awesome success and it is worth to know how could they do this in a very short time. How good is their marketing strategy that helps to gain the top spot in the Indian market? Let’s find How OnePlus Became Number One In Indian Premium Smartphone Market.

How OnePlus Became Number One In Indian Premium Smartphone Market

For a long time, the crown of being the number one was held by Samsung. It was obvious that Samsung could not retain that for a long time considering they have a poor line up and sub per quality. There was a time when Samsung used to give us some exciting phones. But greediness cost them and there started focusing on low-quality products thinking that Indian will consume anything that Samsung offers. Consumers became smarter nowadays they opt to choose OnePlus over Samsung and that’s how OnePlus become the number one.

History of OnePlus

One plus was started by Pete Lau in 2013 with a mission to offer the premium smartphone at a very competitive price. It was their vision that consumer should “ Never Settle” for something which is not as per their expectations. Starting from OnePlus One to recently launched One Plus 7, they are always on our expectation and kept all promises that they had while launching the brand.

OnePlus is a sister company of Oppo, so you may notice a good amount of technology share between these two companies. Most of the advanced feature gets launched in Oppo phones first and then followed by OnePlus mobiles. OnePlus is backed BBK electronics which owns Oppo and Vivo as well.

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Premium Specification

It should be noted that OnePlus never disappoint us with the specification. OnePlus always offers premium specification, be it the processor, the RAM, or the graphics processing units. All smartphone from OnePlus gets launched with the latest processor available at that time. They are also not lag behind in bringing innovations and the latest trending technologies, For example, they offer liquid cooling, Pop Up camera in One Plus 7 which is the latest trend in 2019

Focus On Innovation

What differentiates OnePlus from others is the amount of innovation they do with their smartphone. They never stop innovations and always try to bring new technologies like sliding cameras, in-display fingerprint sensor etc.

Lightweight Operating Systems

One of the best thing that you will notice in OnePlus phones is that there is no bloatware in phones. Oxygen OS is more or less like stock android and that’s people likes. The OS has many advanced features and you won’t see any lagging at all. You will always feel the fluidity in Oxygen OS which other vendor fails to provide.

Regular Updates

OnePlus offers up to 3 years of security patch updates and 2 years of software updates to all their smartphone. This is a great offering by OnePlus as a consumer won’t feel that their phones are outdated. Many other companies just ignore to give any updates within months of selling the phone. For those companies, revenue is more important than customer satisfaction.

Customer-Centric Approach

OnePlus always listen to customers. Starting from One Plus one to till date, they always respond to customers for feature addition, bug fixes, service complaints etc. When One Plus one was launched it was only available through invite system which was not liked by consumers. After that, they never adopted this approach to sell future smartphones. In contrast, see how Xiaomi still sells phone using flash sale even after knowing that consumers are pissed off with flash sales.

Competitive price

People love OnePlus phone pricing against the specs those phone offers. Though off late, they are launching products with a premium price tag but still, it is far below that other competitors.

Wrapping Up!

I hope I could able to give you a heads up about why OnePlus become number one in the Indian smartphone market. With excellent spec and a competitive price, OnePlus could easily dominate the Indian market and became number one.

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