Google Lens is going to be available in Xiaomi phones

Google Lens is going to be available in Xiaomi phones

For some time it was rumoured that Xiaomi was testing the google lens in a couple of their devices. Recently in the MI forum, it was disclosed that Xiaomi is bringing the feature buy when it is going to happen is still not decided.

Google Lens is going to be available in  Xiaomi phone

Google lens is a very popular feature which allows the user to search a picture and show relevant information about that image. In many high-end phones, this feature is already available. Xiaomi is a bit late in the race. But their phones like Poco F1, Note 7, Redmi Y2 already has the feature in their beta rom.

The feature is still getting tested in a wide range of models and hopefully, the integration will happen commercially soon. Once the integration is done, the user can go over to the default camera setting to find the google lens icon. They can use that to scan a picture and the app will show relevant information.

Google lens work based on the AI algorithm and it was unveiled in 2017. It’s an image recognition tool which can give suggestions and information about that picture being scanned with the phone camera. With google lens, user can collect all those relevant information, explore kinds of stuff which were not easy to explore before and use in their projects.


Xiaomi is already the number one smartphone maker in India due to its competitive price to feature ratio. With this addition of features, Xioami is going a step further to boost its grip in the Indian market.

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