English Or Hindi, Which is best for a YouTube channel

English Or Hindi, Which is best for a YouTube channel

Back in between 2010-2015 when we talk about the cost of the mobile data, it was really expensive, Jio has changed the Indian mobile internet market. Nowadays mobile internet has reached into villages and people love you to watch youtube videos rather than browsing on google. If you look carefully after 2016 many Youtube channel was born and grown like anything. The reason being there was no competition in 2016 and users have to watch whatever available in youtube

Now in 2019 things has changed drastically and it now it is very difficult to sustain in youtube. Unless you have a lucky hand or has extraordinary knowledge, its very difficult to get success in youtube. One of the key parameters that decide your success in youtube is the language you choose for your videos. In India, English and Hindi are two major languages. I see many people are confused about what language they should make videos when they venture into YouTube. This article might help you to clear your confusion and decide which is the best for you based on different parameters.

1.Target Audience

When a launch your YouTube channel, make sure you decide the audience type you want to target. Based on audience type you can decide on a language, If you want to target highly qualified audience, then English is the best option but if you are targeting rural audiences, nothing is better than Hindi or any regional language.



Audience location makes a lot of difference in your language selection, For example, if you are targeting audience from North India or East India, then Hindi has more weight but if your location preference is South India then you should choose English.

North IndiaHindi
East/West IndiaHindi or English
South IndiaEnglish


Type of category on which you make video has importance on language selection of your youtube videos. If you want to make videos on study tutorials then English will have a good reach. But if you want to start a cooking channel or makeup & beauty, Hindi has an edge.


Compare to English, Hindi has a much better growth rate, but when we talk about sustainability, English has an edge. So choose Hindi if you want to grow fast but at a certain point, growth might stop. But in English, you will always see some growth but it will be very slow.


In Hindi, you will have high growth but low earning as in India the ad cost is very low. In English the growth will be slow but earning will be more as your videos will be watched across the world. Developed countries have much better ad rate than India.

6.Audience Connect:

You agree or not but Hindi has more power to connect the audience emotionally. No matter how you speak English but you won’t be able to make a connection like how Hindi does.


English has an edge of getting costly sponsorship due to its global reach. For example, if any company from the US or China wants to give sponsorship to an English youtuber. But that does not mean that Hindi youtuber does not get a good sponsor. It just English YouTuber who gets a better rate.


If you want to expand your channel in different categories, then English should be chosen due to the fact that you can easily switch between multiple categories.

9.Audience Retention

Though there is no full proof reason it is a fact that English youtube channel has a much better audience retention rate. In Hindi channel, I see audience just fluctuates between different channels to find the one they want to watch

10.Comfort Zone

All parameters will have no value unless you are comfortable in certain languages. If your mother tongue is Hindi, then you should always choose Hindi, because that way you can connect quickly. People like me whose mother tongue is neither Hindi nor English has all the problems. We neither can speak good Hindi or good English and then affects our channel growth. So, in that case, we have seen this comparison to choosing the best.


I hope this article will make you feel good in choosing the correct language for your youtube channel. As I always say that nothing is best in this world, no one is perfect in this world. Choose a language in which you are comfortable, in which you can deliver the best, in which you can connect best. If you still have any question, do write in the comment section and I will be happy to answer you.

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