Create YouTube thumbnails using Canva

Create YouTube thumbnails using Canva

Thumbnails are the face of your contents. If you are a YouTuber or a blogger, you can’t run away from thumbnails. Thumbnails summarise contents and the first thing a reader look into.

Since thumbnails create the first impression, so creating wonderful thumbnails is the basic things for you to grow. There are instances when good content does not rank as because it has a bad thumbnail.

Unfortunately, there are not many tools in the market to create good thumbnails. Even if some tools are good but they are all paid. Most of the people who want paid software goes for Photoshop.

Many people can’t afford to buy paid software and getting a wonderful free software is a blessing. Canvas let you create exciting thumbnails for me. Let’s discuss how to Create YouTube thumbnails using Canva

What is Canva

Canva is a web application which let you create many graphics contents like the Facebook post, YouTube thumbnails, logo, and many other kinds of stuff. The best part of Canva is they have many free templates which you can use for your projects. Even if you get exhausted by the free offering, their paid templates are just a dollar each. You can also create custom graphics of various sizes.

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How to create YouTube thumbnail in Canva

In Canva, you can choose either a custom graphic dimension or you can use the default Canva template.

  • Open
  • Click Create a Design
  • Select YouTube Thumbnail

Once you select YouTube Thumbnail you will see below screen.

Create YouTube thumbnails using Canva

Let’s look into various options.


In the template, you will get predefined thumbnail template which you can use and customize as per your need. Most of the templates are free but if you want premium plugin it cost about $1


Create YouTube thumbnails using CanvaElements

Elements are predefined shapes which you can use for your project. It has many photos and graphics. Those are royalty free so you can use those without the worry of copyright issues.

Create YouTube thumbnails using CanvaText

The text section is where you can get free text sets and dedicated heading, subheading and paragraph.

Create YouTube thumbnails using Canva


The background has much solid colour or photo background which can be freely used.



Upload and Folders

In the upload section, you can upload your own kinds of stuff and folder is where all your project files will be saved.


Canva is a great tool if you are good at photoshop or does not want to pay for it. It will help to create exciting graphics content but for a more professional graphic, you still need to use another advanced tool.

I have also created a video on the same. If you want you can watch the same here.


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