Best Practices For Uploading Android App To Google Play Store

Common Mistakes & Best Practices For Uploading Android App To Google Play Store

This article will talk about the best practices that we should follow while uploading a .apk to google play store and what could be the possible reason for which your app might get rejected. This article will also talk about how to solve that.

Let’s talk about best practices first

  • So the first point would be about your APK. Your APK should have clean coding, no virus or malware. Your app also should have only one ad network code.  If you add multiple network code your app gets rejected.
  • Use proper icon for your app. That’s will boost your brand presence.
  • Use simple navigation. If your app interface is cluttered users won’t bother to open your app again. If a user opens your app and gets confused about where to go, how to go, then it’s not for that particular app.
  • Give a proper title to your APK and package. This helps in your App SEO ranking.
  • Use the latest SDK kit. Google encourages users to use the latest SDK kit as it has the latest security updates and new features. Also in the Gradle use the latest package if available.

Now let’s talk about rejection

  • Don’t use the mobile frame in the snapshot. That’s one reason your app may get rejected.Common Mistakes & Best Practices For Uploading Android App To Google Play Store
  • In short or long description do not use the word YouTube or about any Google product. For example, if you use the description” Android app for GeekyByte YouTube channel” that will surely get rejected.
  • Correctly fill the content rating question. Any mistake here will take it to rejection.
  • If your app has YouTube video links either in any post or page, make sure that the video is not playing in the background when you minimize the app. Also when you close the app, the video also should close. Your app will get rejected if you do not follow this. Many people do not know about this. To fix this you need to add some code in your android studio project as shown below.


Add below codes in your

public void onResume()

public void onPause()

Add this below line of code in the manifest file

<uses-permission android:name=”android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE”/>

Both codes should solve the problem. If not please write in the comment section and I will be happy to answer your questions.

  • The last reason could be the content which might be against the Google policy, like content about violence, child abuse, etc. You should always refrain yourselves from adding these type of content in your Android application


Well, these are a few basic reasons for which app might reject, but these are not the only reason. You might see many reasons for which app might get rejected. Its always better to follow the best practices so that your app gets published in a single shot. If you still face some issues please do write in the comment section and I will be happy to assist you.

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