Best free alternative to Microsoft office in 2019

Free microsoft office alternative

Not only me but probably almost everyone who buys a new laptop or desktop install Microsoft on the first day. Right? It’s because of the only software required for basic computing. Unfortunately, Microsoft office licence does not come bundled with the computer nowadays. So we go for a paid licence which cost about Rs 5000-6000. Question is, does it worth to spend that much amount for office suites when we have plenty of free alternates available which are as good as Microsoft office. In this article, I will take you through Best free alternative to Microsoft office in 2019 which can take work better than the Microsoft Office. This list does not include any cloud version of the office like Google Docs, Office online etc.

Libre office

The first office suite that comes top in our list is the libre office. Those who know Linux or uses Ubuntu operating system, Libre Office is a very known name for them. In fact, Libre office comes bundled with Ubuntu. It is the best alternative to Microsoft office and in some cases, it outperforms the Microsoft office. Compare to Microsoft office it is very lightweight, has all features that MS office has and most importantly it’s all FREE. There is no premium or paid version So you can enjoy the way you want. Libre office comes with six office program having the following names which counter the Microsoft office programs.

Best free alternate to Microsoft office in 2019

Libre office is an open source software maintained by a large number of enthusiast developer who constantly updates the software to match the market demand. The bugs are fixed regularly and always implement a new feature, unlike Microsoft office who need one year to fix bugs. Libre office consumes less memory, unlike Microsoft office which put a lot of pressure on RAM when loaded. It provides native support for Microsoft office format and file can be also be saved in Microsoft Office format. The interface is bit different but within a month of use, you will like it. Libre Office only available in Windows and Linux

WPS Office

WPS office has a free and premium version to choose from. It is also the most widely used office suites after Microsoft office. Has the same set of programs like Microsoft office but consume less and RAM. The interface is almost similar to Microsoft office so you don’t need time to get habituated. In fact, at first glance, you might get surprised and will have a hard time to differentiate WPS with the MS office.

Best free alternate to Microsoft office in 2019It supports Microsoft Office file format and files can be saved in native office format. The only WPS has is that it does not come with database software like Microsoft Access. But for a casual user, we may not even need Microsoft access. Right?

You might see occasional ads in WPS office but that makes sense considering they are giving the program for free. If you don’t want free you can always for the paid version which is not that costly like Microsoft office. WPS office is available in Windows and Android and Mac

Polaris Office

Many people use Polaris office considering the fact it is available in Windows, Android, Linux and Mac OS. Its come with 1 GB free cloud storage and has all set of program that Microsoft has. Support editing native Microsoft office files and also allow to save Polaris files into native Microsoft office format.

Best free alternate to Microsoft office in 2019

Free office

The first thing that you will notice in Free office is the interface. It looks exactly like Microsoft office and probably you may not even feel that you are working in Free Office and not MS office. Unfortunate it comes with only Word, Excel and PowerPoint although the terminology is different. Support all native format file of Microsoft office. You can down Free office for Windows, Mac, Linux and for android also. So cross-platform support is great in the free office. Although it does not have all program like Microsoft office for normal use its more than enough I fee. What do you feel?

Best free alternate to Microsoft office in 2019

Open office

The last office suite that we have in our list of Open Office. If you know the libre office, then you won’t find any difference in the open office. It has the same program like libre office, in fact, the same program name as the libre office. Provides all features that libre office provides. So in case you really need an open office, I don’t need you should move to open office as Libre office is much better in the office suite space.



After reading through the article you might ask me now which software is the best. Which one I should choose. My answer would be, again, as usual, nothing is best. It all depends on your requirement. If you are a Linux user I would recommend LibreOffice. For windows, you can either go for Libre office or WPS office. If you use Mac you can use WPS office or use i Works. If you want to access office on android then WPS office / Polaris is the best. Hope it helps to choose a free office suite. So next time, don’t dare to spend money on Microsoft office.

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