Author Guidelines

We offer guest post/authorship facility in all our blogs. It is our privilege to have like-minded authors on board and spread the knowledge which could help others. On top of that, we also offer monetary benefits to authors so that they get the inspiration to write and share.
geekybyte author guidelines
This page states a set of guidelines that every author should follow if they want to be a part of our group of blogs. These rules are applicable to all our blogs, GeekyByte, RiansClub and BlogByts


  • Good command on English literature.
  • Excellent writing skills
  • Zeal to explore and explain stuff



  • Articles should be in English only. Hinglish is not acceptable
  • Articles should have a minimum of 1000 words.
  • Absolutely no spelling mistake and no grammatical errors. Use Grammarly in case you need help.
  • All articles should follow the minimum SEO guidelines.
  • No copy-Paste article. All article will be checked for plagiarism
  • Wherever available, insert a related youtube video in your article.


  • All images should be in JPEG format.
  • Image size ( Featured image & article image) should have 1280X720 Px size only.
  • Images should be optimised in TinyPNG before uploading.


1. No copyrighted contents are acceptable.
2. If your article has content which is almost similar to other blog content, then add a credit note at the end of the article for that blog.


  • First 10 articles of every author will be moderated by admin.
  • You are allowed to edit your post anytime but post deletion is not allowed.
  • Only GeekyByte offers direct article post facility. For other blogs, an admin will offer your user is and password if you are eligible.


You are allowed to write on the following categories.


  • Smartphone news
  • Upcoming mobile phones


  •  Mechanical Engineering
  •  Computer-aided design
  •  Manufacturing
  •  Advanced technology
  •  Web design
  •  Application review


  • Blogging Tips
  • SEO
  • Digital Marketing


If you are sure that you meet all above guideline then follow below instruction to become an author.


  • Register yourself by clicking the link HERE. All registration will go for admin approval.
  • If approved click here to LOG IN
  • Visit the AUTHOR DASHBOARD to access your author panel.
  • Complete your profile details including payment details.
  • Click on post to start writing the article.

RiansClub & BlogBytes

  • To register in these two blogs you have to first register in Geekybyte
  • Write two articles in Geekybyte but don’t publish it.
  • Notify us about these two draft post.
  • If admin found these two articles exciting, your article will be published in either of these two blogs with your name.
  • You have to keep on writing 10 posts in GeekyByte for RiansClub / BlogByts.
  • Once your 10th post is published, you will be offered login in RiansClub / BlogByts if we find that your post will add value to our readers.

Guest Post vs Authorship

  • Guest posts are free but authorship is paid.
  • Guest post can have backlinks but paid article can’t.

Why Join Us

  • All our blogs are hosted in a dedicated server from ResellerClub to have seamless speed.
  • Blogs are highly optimised to minimise loading time.
  • Multiple blogs in different niche available.
  • Fastest growing blogs with backend support from industry experts
  • Android Apps are published for all blogs.


  • Payment will be processed  Bi-Weekly
  • All Indian authors will be paid through PayTM only. Others will have to use Paypal.
  • Rates and other payment terms will be communicated during the registration process.