As A Beginner How To Choose The Right Host For Blog

As A Beginner How To Choose The Right Host For Blog

When I started blogging, or those who are stepping into blogging, the main confusion starts when trying to shop for hosting. The big confusion starts with how to choose the right hosting for the blog. With the growing number of hosts its become more confusing. It’s really hard to know which host is good or which is bad. Below are my thoughts and consideration before I buy hosting and probably that would match many of you as well. Since this post will talk about those who are just about to start blogging, who I will only consider Shared Hosting

Server Specification

if you are a beginner or a pro, but server plays a big role in your blog growth, Be wise and open when you choose a server. Look for a host who provides new generation servers like Lite Speed. Check the cache memory for your server, no of cores, ram, etc. As a beginner, you may not need a high spec server, but don’t get fooled by unlimited shared hosting no hosting is unlimited. When you carefully calculate, you will find that unlimited shared hosting is worse than limited shared hosting.

Always look for SSD storage as it provides more speed than traditional HDD, In case your budget does not encourage SSD storage, then sure you choose an HDD which offers latest technologies.

Its always advisable to choose the best possible service as a beginner, but when your traffic goes up, choose a VPS which offers the server as per your requirement.

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Server Location

Server location plays a big role in your website performance. If your blog is mainly pointed to the Indian audience ( Like Hindi Blogs), then its always good to have the server location in India. For example, if your server location is in Mumbai and someone tries to access your website from the USA, so for data to travel from Mumbai to the USA will take more time than anyone who is accessing your website from Hyderabad. Right? Like human data also has to travel, more the distance, more the time to travel. Sometimes you will see that US servers are cheap. But being cheap is not the best. In the worst case, if you can’t afford an India server, use a good CDN like cloud-flare.

As A Beginner How To Choose The Right Host For Blog


In shared hosting, 90% of the host does not provide ample flexibility to users and we are responsible for that. When a user gets flexibility, they try to exhaust server resource, which creates a problem for other users. For example, giving access to edit php.ini is something that most of the host scared to provide. But for a website to run smoothly, adjusting parameters in php.ini is really important. I personally faced this problem like, I am not able to upload a theme in WordPress as because max_upload_size in php.ini is limited to 2 MB. So choose a host which offers more flexibility.

Option To Upgrade

Change is a part of life and unless we upgrade we cant adopt the changes. Same goes with hosting. If you see an increase in traffic, you have to upgrade to a better plan. Unfortunately, many hosts do not provide upgrade option in between, but if someone offers that you can count them for hosting


You had you valuable time to build a website and all of a sudden that got crashed? How would you feel? Having a crash website only affects your time and money but also affect user experience and ranking. Although it became a regular practice to offer backups in shared hosting, look for a host who offers daily backups. Also, look for how they cooperate when you try to retrieve your website from backups.


A bad host with good support is always better than a good host with bad support. Sounds confusing? Let me explain. You can not get all good things from good host unless they support you to do that. On the other hand, you can get the best out of a bad host if their support is good. I personally hosted a website with a very new host who only offers shared hosting. Why? Because they supported me like anything. From building my website to upgrading it, everywhere I found them cooperative. So next time when you shop for hosting, make sure they offer good support. At present, I have to host with a good host with good support and a bad host with good support. So its a Win-Win situation for me. Below are those hosts.

HostSoch  ( For shared hosting)

ResellersClub ( For VPS- On which this blog is hosted)

Choose a Trusted Host

Although these words are contradicting to my earlier paragraph, you are not lucky to have a bad host with a good package. So its always better to choose a host who is in the market for a long time. Check their rating, review. One more issue with the non-trusted host is data privacy. With the rising crisis of data theft, you may not know how your data may be compromised. The trusted host cannot adopt this kind of practice in fear of business loss. So its always advisable to choose a trusted host


You might be wondering why the price is at last. Reason being my experience. I have many websites for the last 10 years and found that in hosting pricing plays a big role when it comes to quality. Having a low price tag may look tempting, but you might be knowing that no one does business under loss. So somehow they will have to earn money. I found that problem with low priced host starts after a few months and then you will be on the mid of sea with no option to move back. So do not look for cheap hosting but look for hosting which offers best under your budget.


I believe I have enough to choose the right host. In fact, nothing is called right or wrong. It all depends on your requirement. So when you buy hosting make sure you know your requirement, your projected traffic and the investment that you can make.

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Thanks for reading it through.