Apple To Assemble High End iPhones In India

Apple To Assemble High End iPhones In India

Apple to assemble iPhones in India

In India, Apple phones are considered a premium brand. Apple’s latest iPhone launch which crosses the Rs 100000 price tag, slowly iPhone’s are going out of reach from the general public. Due to this Apple has a disappointing quarter with lowest ever sales in the Indian market.

But the fact is that iPhone’s are not only costly in India but almost many other countries. In India, iphones costly because of the high import duty cost that government imposes on consumer electronic goods. But looks like we will soon get a solution for this and iPhone might get cheaper in the coming years.

Apple To Assemble High End iPhones In India

As per Reuters, Apple is seriously considering assembling their high-end phone in India having manufacturing tie-up with Foxconn-  the Taiwanese manufacturer, who currently assembly iPhones in China and Xiaomi phone in India. Currently, Apple has partnered with Winston Corp in Bengaluru to manufacture lower-cost iPhones. They will manufacture iPhone SE and the iPhone 6S models there. Those make a decent number of sales in our market, considering the lower pricing.

But if the latest report believes to be true the manufacturing in Foxconn plant would start as early as Mid-2019. The location would be Sriperumbudur, a small town in Tamilnadu, which would create about 25000 jobs. Foxconn is also investing about $350 MN for this move.

This move by Apple considered being a smart move, as this will be the second largest manufacturing unit by Apple outside. Following the trade war between the US and China, this move will help the US giant to less dependent on China. This move will also the Indian consumers to get the iPhone at a relatively low cost.