Apple Has Launched The Second Generation AirPods

Apple Has Launched The Second Generation AirPods

The Big News

Apple has launched the second generation AirPods with the wireless charging dock, longer battery life and support for Apple’s digital assistant Siri. Its a smart move from their older generation air pods which did not include any of the features mentioned above, But fortunately you can buy a wireless charging dock for old AirPods for just $79

The new AirPods comes packed with H1 chip which claimed to give better battery life and a faster connection to Apple’s digital assistant Siri. Though Apple filed a patent last year for Airpods with biometric tracking technology that did not go for production yet. Hopefully, in next-generation models, we may see that feature.

Apple Has Launched The Second Generation AirPods

Despite the upgrade, there is no major change in the appearance of these two generation models and as a casual buyer, it won’t make a huge difference. It was expected from Apple to have some change in appearance in the new generation models considering that the first AirPods was launched three years back.

The new AirPods with wireless charging case will cost about $199 and as I said you can easily upgrade your older AirPods by paying just $79. The old AirPods was costing about $ 149.

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If we follow the recent trend from Apple, it is evident that Apple is trying to boost its footprint in the wearable device business and launching new products or upgrading the existing lineup. But unless and until Apple does not bring something new and fresh, it is really hard to turn the ball to them. That is the reason, wearable devices from Samsung became very popular in the US because there product launch cycle is very short compared to apple and they bring fresh products.

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