About Us

About GeekyByte

GeekyByte was started back in 2018 with a mission to store and share knowledge about Blogging, SEO and Smartphone news. This is a platform where we try to share blogging tips & tricks, SEO best practices and trending smartphone news. We try our level best to share in-depth knowledge of subjects on what the blog is based upon. We also welcome authors to join and share the knowledge that they have. Let’s learn and spread knowledge.

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You will find articles mostly on the following topics.

Our Other Ventures:

Mimi Creation >Online Marketplace for Craft Materials and Artificial Jewelry.

RiansClub >A Technology Blog for Engineering, Web Design And Trending Technology


Key People

Mimi Kar

Mimi is the founder and Chief Editor of this blog. She holds a Bachelor degree in Science and very keen on travelling and writing blog. She also owns Mimi Creation which is one of the leading online marketplaces for crafts in India. She can be reachable at [email protected]

mimi kar

Rajib Das

Rajib has the role of administrator of this blog and responsible for the overall operation, promotion and other key accepts of this venture. He has a Bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering and served many MNC’s in India and the USA during his 15 years of profession. He can be reachable at [email protected]

rajib das