5 Best Live Chat Software for Small Business in 2019

5 Best Live Chat Software for Small Business in 2019

Statistics says that having a live chat option increases website traffic. It helps in better customer satisfaction and help in higher sales. Customer love to have one to one interaction rather than support ticket or email communications. In fact, most of customers problems can easily be solved in live chat which helps in gaining the confidence of customers. Although it is very rare to see live chat in a WordPress blog but for WooCommrce, it’s a must. In this article, we will see 5 Best Live Chat Software for Small Business


Using this live chat software for the last 5 years and I must say it’s the best in the town. Amazing feature list, many options for customisation, and an intuitive dashboard make it a real winner. Even the free version has all bells and whistles they require from a live chat software.

It has a function of showing real-time navigation. What that means is that you can see how a visitor is navigating in your website and you can judge visitor preference. The free version only supports one agent and you can not put your own branding but I don’t see to over to premium version.

You can watch the video on how to integrate Tawk.to with WordPress.

Live Chat

This is the most popular and most downloaded live chat software’s. In fact, many leading brands use this software. Unfortunately, it does not have a free version but the cost of the paid version is not much if you have a stable business.

5 Best Live Chat Software for Small Business in 2019

Live chat offers seamless integration to many web application and offers cross-functional linking which is one of the best things about live chat.

Zopim Chat

Zopim is an ultra lightweight live chat software. It can be easily integrated with WordPress. If you are planning to create an android app for your website then Sopon is the best to integrate with the android application.

5 Best Live Chat Software for Small Business in 2019

Zopim is owned by Zendesk chat and has a free version. The free version offers only one agent and you can have up to 30 days of chat history. The problem with zopim chay is that you will have a very limited option for personalisation.

Pure Chat

Pure chat is a 100% free chat plugin for WordPress. It offers all general features that other vendor offers but they offer 3 concurrent agents which us really good.

5 Best Live Chat Software for Small Business in 2019

They also offer unlimited chat, chat history and emails when the agent is not available. Overall a good plugin but way behind Tawk.to or live chat.

Fresh Chat

The last plugin in our list is fresh chat. The free version offers 10 agent and unlimited chat. It can be easily integrated with WordPress and can connect to the Zendesk support system as well. Other essential features like real-time interaction, visitor tracking is available in this plugin.

5 Best Live Chat Software for Small Business in 2019


Although the market is flooded with much live chat software these are the top 5 Best Live Chat Software for Small Business in 2019. If we have to pick the best out of these five then it will be either Tawk.to for the free version and Live Chat for the paid version. For the Android app, Zopim Chat is the pick.

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